My name is Shemaia Finden. I am from Tacoma, Washington. I graduated from Washington State University (WSU) in 2017, earning my Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising with a focus in Communications and Marketing. After graduating college I spent two years working in retail and discovered I developed a new passion, to create my own company. Working with small businesses and entrepreneurs opened my eyes to a bigger vision. I was set on a mission to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses!

Within my first month of launching Regal Rose Media, I landed my first client.  Within two months I landed three more clients. I now manage and consult with six businesses/entrepreneurs. As Regal Rose Media grows, I continue to expand with my clientele, specializing with small businesses and entrepreneurs in the art and luxury industries. With a background in art, beauty, and fashion, Regal Rose strives to help business owners and entrepreneurs tell their stories to the world. Let your story be heard!